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Starting at : €2,500

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Starting at : € 2,000

Behind this mouth-full of a name lies a somewhat magical history, that started with the encounter of a rich aristocrat passionate about engines, Charles Rolls, and a very gifted mechanic, Henry Royce. Soon after their paths crossed at the dawn of the 20th century, these two founded their own company on March 15, 1906. The mythic brand Rolls-Royce was born.

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It won’t take long for this talented entrepreneur and this successful engineer to make a long-lasting imprint in the luxury car industry. In 1907, Rolls-Rolls launched their mythic Silver Ghost and entered high-end luxury car history. With time, the makes evolved without ever losing the signature touch of the two founders – the iconic Silver Lady sitting on top of the unmistakable radiator grille. Add to the mix, Conolly leather and precious wood and you get what has made the success of the British brand for decades: elegance.

Rolls-Royce Phantom or Rolls-Royce Drophead hire – two elegant and classy models.

A couple of models such as the Silver Cloud and the Silver Shadow were finished to establish Rolls-Royce’s supremacy in the industry. The brand encountered some obstacles though – in the 1980s the company went through financial difficulties. The buy-out by BMW in 1998 put an end to this rough patch. In 2003 the new Rolls-Royce Phantom made quite an impression, upholding a respect for tradition and embracing great modernity. The Rolls-Royce Drophead puts the finishing touches on the renewal of confidence in the brand that proves to everyone they still know what they are doing in the luxury car world…