Nice weather and wedding season go hand in hand – a fond time of year at your luxury car rental agency in Paris and throughout France. Why? Well Rolls-Royce rental with chauffeur is an MB Premium specialty. Now however, our team has decided to put aside the traditional rolls of decorative tulle and other trappings usually found on wedding cars. Rolls-Royce personalised touches have become a little more...eccentric. What you’re about to read was published in Britain’s Business Insider magazine and includes the latest crazes and other – real – fun facts about this most prestigious British make.


What age is the youngest Rolls-Royce owner?

A publicist, whose name we won’t mention here, got into a bit of a hot spot with the public by stating that if we don’t have a Rolex by the age of 50, we’ve failed in life. This kind of attitude doesn’t even come close to one client, at just 21 years old, who visited a dealer to buy a Rolls-Royce. For a short period, he was the youngest Rolls-Royce buyer in the world (the former was a 28-year-old Indian man). Alas, a young Taiwanese boy beat them to the race. He bought his Rolls at just 12 years of age! Let’s hope the chauffeur was included in the price! Just a reminder, a Rolls-Royce can easily cost over €450,000.

Life through rose-tinted glass...and a Rolls-Royce

A London guy was wearing a pink t-shirt. When he ordered his Rolls-Royce, he made a point of ensuring it matched the colour of his top. What could be more normal? This resulted in a full bubblegum-coloured interior paired with red bodywork. One year earlier, in 2014, know that a Chinese client also requested a completely pink Rolls-Royce – inside and out. Barbie oughta be on her best behaviour.

A Rolls-Royce with a whiff of Scotch

Scottish stereotypes include the bagpipes, the Loch Ness monster and the infamous kilts. This buyer was obviously very attached to this kind of regalia as he had a model made with an interior fully-lined in tartan. This light woollen cloth with bright colours in a check pattern is attributed to the various Scottish clans. Careful though – honouring a long-standing tradition doesn’t necessarily mean banning all things modern. The same client made sure to include a fridge in his car.

Want a Rolls-Royce? Touch wood!

This subject of Her Majesty had a 100-year old tree on the grounds of his property. He expressly wished for the dashboard of his Rolls-Royce and door panels be made from the wood of this tree. One eccentric request that perhaps doesn’t quite match that of a rich Persian Gulf client who had 450 diamonds embroidered into the ceiling of his car.

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